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Bondi Beauty Review: An at-home fat-reducing machine.

Bondi Beauty put an at-home fat-reducing machine to the test.  Losing weight is never easy, and a machine you can use anywhere, anytime almost sounds too good to be true. Bondi Beauty Intern Lauren Wallace put the TriPollar Clinical Skin Tightening Device for Body to the test. It promises to : “tighten upper arms, reduce […]

For a spectacular workout with your partner, Acroplay could be for you.

It looks incredible, and gives your body a full workout. Acroplay could be the new workout for you. Bondi Beauty spoke to John Hosie, Director of the Sydney Acrobatics School to learn more about this spectacular sport. 1)   What is Acroplay? ACROPLAY is a blend of acrobatics and yoga training that everyone can do,and works […]

Why you should look at CrossFit, the fitness trend working for women.

What exactly is CrossFit? Bondi Beauty tells you why you should look at CrossFit, the fitness trend working for women. Leaving the world exhausted and sweating, CrossFit continues to grow in popularity worldwide. It all stated with the he  CrossFit games in 2007, now an annual event, which amassed $1 million worth of prize money […]

Do you fear fitness? Then step up.

Do you find yourself making excuses every day as to why you can’t get out of bed, leave work early or find time for fitness? You may fear fitness. If so, it’s time to step up. The longer you put off exercising the more likely you won’t exercise, seems to be common sense, but recent […]

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