6 NEW Lip Glosses Even a Gloss Hater Will Love



Attention gloss haters! We’ve tracked down some of the best lip gloss tints, that will totally convert you from hater to lover.

We completely understand if you dislike all things lip gloss. Often, they are too sticky, too glittery and even too messy to deal with. Meaning, they often get missed from your beauty essentials hit list.

But believe us when we say, many great brands are revolutionising the concept of lip gloss, creating new formulas with exciting ingredients that even the most avid lip gloss hater will truly love.

Sephora Outrageous Plump Lip Gloss $21

With a colour range to match a variety of natural lip tones, from soft pink to rosy red, Sephora’s new lip gloss range is simply irrestible. Enriched with sunflower oil, ginger root and peppermint oil, these glosses provide high shine, are easy to wear and even plump up your lips for a healthy, fuller and well hydrated lip look.

IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush Hydrating Gloss Stain $34

Made with the perfect mixture of hydrating butters and oils to give your lips lots of love, these glosses deliver a high pigmented of colour stain across your lips, whilst keeping them well protected from the wind and the sun, keeping them soft and hydrated. This gloss is more like a serum for your lips and is available in beautiful soft feminine range of colours.

Marc Jacobs Enamored With A-Twist 3-Piece Hi-Shine Lip Gloss Collection $82

This is a limited-edition lip trio from Marc Jacobs. Packaged in a beautifully designed pouch created by Julie Verhoeven, the Enamored Hi-Shone Lacquer delivers maximum colour and brilliance, with their triple shine complex. Mint-scented and available in a delicious range of colours from creamy pink to shimmering lavenders, lips will feel smooth and shiny all-day long.

Smith & Cult The Shining Lip Lacquer $35

Inspired by The Dairy of a Beauty Junkie, this innovative new lip gloss by Smith & Cult is completely addictive and will probably replace your fave lipstick. Made with Portulaca Pilosa to help plump the lips and boost natural lip moisture, added coconut essence into these glosses creates a natural lip-smoothing emulsifier for the smoothest application ever in lip glosses.

Frank Body Lip Tints $11.95

Made from coffee seeds and coconut oils, you won’t get a more nourishing lip gloss than these beauties. Only two colours are available in this range, a soft nude for the day and sweet cherry tone for night. These glosses spread just the right amount of colour across your lips, for those who don’t like too much and can even be used as a cheek stain to create a flush of hot colour to polish off your look.

Gilded Cage Charisma Lipgloss $21

Don’t be turned off by the glitter content of these lip glosses by Gilded Cage. They most definitely are NOT over the top in their sparkle. These glosses create a subtle prismatic sparkle to the lips and have been formulated with Kendi Oil to keep lips well hydrated and soft. Expert Tip: These glosses are great for wearing over your fave lipstick, transitioning your look from day to night in under 4 seconds.

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