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The New App Backed By Mick Fanning That’s Making Waves

A new app called Mentemia helps users learn to control their anxiety, and there is a reason it’s had wild success in its first few weeks. “I thought I was a failure if I asked for help, but then I realised it’s the most courageous thing I could do” says Mick Fanning, and Mentemia has […]

Work Through Your Anxiety Problems with Fitness

Anxiety is one of the fastest growing mental health conditions globally, but exercise can help many with a calmer, more grounded life. Have you ever experienced a racing heart or shortness of breath, a sensation of the world closing in or an impending sense of doom? It may be you had an anxiety attack and […]

5 Foods That to Boost Your Mood. And yes, before you ask, it works.

You can have a healthier AND happier life by simply introducing certain foods into your diet. It’s true – you are what you eat. It’s not just your physical health, but your mental health too, that can be affected when ‘treating’ yourself to junk food. Reaching for a high-sugar or simple carbohydrate (white bread or […]

Running reduces anxiety & effects the brain like marijuana?

A new study has found some ground breaking evidence that running effects the same section of the brain as marijuana, and has a similar effect. A new study published by the National Academy Of Science and led by Oxford University claims running triggers the brain’s cannabinoid receptors to relieve pain, in the same way smoking […]

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