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Do you know the secret to long, lush locks when doing lots of sport?

Bondi Beauty spoke exclusively to Redken’s Matthew Jones about how to have and keep gorgeous hair when working out – and there’s a secret every girl should know. BB:  Is it really possible to have long, fabulous hair when you are a sporty girl? Absolutely. Working with your stylist is the most important factor here. […]

10 ways to better, healthier, shinier hair.

There’s nothing better than shiny, healthy hair,  and eating the right things, avoiding the wrong foods and living a balanced life can help. Schwarzkopf’s new at-home hair colour, Nectra, injects healthy life into your locks with floral nectar and botanical oils. An at-home colour is cheaper, easier, quicker and now healthier for your hair, but […]

What is your fitness doing to your hair?

 Sydney Redken Artist Matthew Jones chats to Bondi Beauty about the effect of fitness on our hair. 1) How much of an effect does sport have on our hair? The answer to this is varying degrees. It all depends on the intensity of the sport or physical activity you are taking part in. Something like […]

Inject some life back into your hair.

Bondi Beauty has sourced the latest products to give your hair strength and shine, plus we reveal our personal secrets for great hair post-workout. Workouts strip your hair. From sweat to excessive showers, not to mention swimming, fit girls have to spend more time and effort to keep their hair looking good. There are two […]

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