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Your Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

At Bondi Beauty, we know exactly what beauty products you need in your gym bag, and they’re all here: We’ve compiled a list of goodies that’ll have you covered next time you’re working out. Face Wipes: Perfect for removing the bulk of your make up beforehand, soaking up sweat and for refreshing and toning afterwards. […]

Looking hot the morning after the night before

There’s no excuse for looking hung-over or tired this party season. From hair to face and body, try these top  beauty pick-me-ups:   1) Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet Price: $7.99 This brand new mask is a top treat for your skin, and forces you to have some down time whilst it […]

Your beauty questions answered:

We receive a lot of beauty questions from our followers, here are a handful we’ve picked to answer for you: Q:I want to spray something in my hair (other than perfume) after a workout so it smells fresh and clean. What do you recommend? Vaiber, Tamarama, Sydney A: Perfume is not great as it can […]

Five tips for the best hair ever when working out

Keeping your hair fresh and vibrant isn’t easy when you work out. I should know, given most weeks, I do 10 sessions of fitness. Swimming, running, and even yoga all damage hair. From the sun and wind, to elastic bands causing breakage and excess sweat, our hair gets a beating. Here are five ways to […]

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