Is This the Best Lip Gloss Ever?

Bondi Beauty road tests the latest new generation lip glosses and brings you the verdict.

To be the best, lip glosses have to do so much more than just shine. We road tested products from Napoleon Perdis, Bondi Boost, Indie Lee and Rodan+Fields with a whole range of benefits. 

This year, beauty routines are set to be rejuvenated and revised to be sexier and more powerful than ever before. It’s no longer feasible for a product to be sub-par or have one single use.

We want products that provide a magnitude of benefits, can be used in multiple different ways, or one’s that simply stand out for quality and value.

A great quality lip gloss is a staple in any beauty kit, but they can be very hit or miss. From simply making lips look like they are drowning in liquid, to being so sticky a glass acts as basically a suction cup – bad lip glosses are a time and money waster.

Bondi Beauty writer Zoe set out to try, test and review lip glosses that have a variety of benefits. From products with an added lip plump, to serums that target renewing and rejuvenation via an ampoule, these next generation lip glosses do so much more than simply shine the lips.

Nourishing and Lip Pumping: Napoleon Perdis Double Duty Lip Infusion Oil RRP$35

Double Duty infusion lip gloss

Fragrance: Fruity
Taste: Sweet and subtle banana
Consistency: Oil and sticky
Portability: Excellent, a handy little red tube
Value for money: Great

This little red tube with golden embellishments will quickly become cemented into any daily beauty routine, for very quality reasons.

Smelling and tasting subtly of banana, this lip gloss has a thick oil like consistency – so once it’s applied, it doesn’t slide off the lips, rather sticks with a subtle yet powerful, long lasting gloss with an added pout.

A plethora of antioxidant ingredients make this better than a traditional lip gloss. Passionfruit Seed and Camellia Seed oils help to nourish and replenish the lips, while Pracaxi Oil from the Amazon boosts moisture to combat dehydration.

A clear colour with a subtle tint of red means this gloss can either be worn as a stand alone lip treatment, or it can be applied above lipsticks and lip pencils for added shine.

Additionally, a few drops of this can be added onto the cheeks, for a subtle ruby-tinted, dewy glow. This just might be one of the best lip glosses on the market.

For an at-home lip plumping boost: Bondi Boost Lip Plumper, RRP$39.95

Bondi Boost Lip Plumper

Fragrance: Sugary Peppermint
Taste: Peppermint
Consistency: Light and smooth
Portability: Excellent
Value for money: A little on the expensive side, but cheaper (and less fake looking) than lip injections

A tickling, prickling sensation can be found when this lip gloss wand is run over the lips – but it’s simply thanks to a number of circulation-enhancing ingredients.

The result is a plumper, fuller pout with an added clear shine. It’s not the same effect as real lip fillers, but for a temporary boost to the lips, it’s an ideal product.

It’s also a much better alternative than overdrawing lips using liner a la Kylie Jenner – this look is more natural and down to earth.

The taste of peppermint lingers on the lips to create a truly kissable product – but don’t be surprised if your partner comments on a slight stinging sensation.

 It’s due to the inclusion of peppermint essential oils, cinnamon bark oils and capsicum extract that boost circulation, giving the slight impression of bee-stung lips.

To Repair & Protect: Indie Lee Lip Treat, RRP$ 33

Indie Lee Lip Treat

Fragrance: Minty Fresh
Taste: Mint
Consistency: Light with a slight grainy texture
Portability: Ideal for a handbag or clutch
Value for money: Worth the splurge as an every day lipgloss

A staple lip gloss-lip balm combo is an essential product in any handbag for those moments when lips are dry, chapped or need a little TLC.

This antioxidant rich conditioning balm from natural beauty brand Indie Lee helps to sooth and protect the lips with inclusions of Milk Thistle, Rosemary Leaf and Pomegranate extracts. Vitamin E, Bees and Candelilla Waxes provide a smoothness to the lips.

It tastes like one of those old-school mint Mentos lollies – a truly delectable, refreshing taste that makes you want to re-apply for more.

Additionally, it’s a product that you can feel good about using, and trust where it’s came from. Indie Lee holds a blend of science and nature at its ethos.

After founder Lisa Swengros’ (who has since changed her name to Indie Lee) cancer diagnosis, she set about creating a brand that takes care of the skin from the inside out – because what one puts on their skin can have dramatic flow-on effects to the rest of the body’s health.

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A Serum to Gloss and Renew: Rodan+Fields Redefine Lip Renewing Serum, RRP $79 AUD

Rodan and Field skincare product

Fragrance: Peppermint
Taste: Tingling Mint
Consistency: Slick
Portability: While a single ampoule is no bigger than a 5c piece, this could easily get misplaced out of the jar.
Value for money: Very expensive, however there are many ampoules in the pack

Serums are usually designed for the skin, targeting concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin or brightening. A targeted, potent dosage of ingredients, serums are the skincare industry’s secret best friend – and now, lips also don’t have to miss out.

Housed in small pipette capsules, with 60 to a jar, this lip serum leaves lips feeling plump, hydrated and glossy, without any unwanted colours.

Tasting like peppermint, the product tingles on the lips, as if you can physically feel the concoction of peptides, Vitamin E and Shea Butter working their magic to reduce fine lines and boost moisture.

Silver skincare ampoules on the palm of a hand.
These single use ampoules are tiny, but they pack a punch of lip-loving ingredients.

The packaging is a little cumbersome, with the product hard to squeeze out, and the individual capsules don’t meet any waste-free goals.

Despite this, this is a mess-free, easy way to gloss and plump the lips, a perfect remedy for dry or chapped conditions often found in summer.

For an everyday portable gloss: Trinny London Lip Glow Lip Gloss, RRP$ 30 AUD.

swatches of lip colour from dark to light shades

Fragrance: Watermelon with a slight citrus undertone
Taste: Subtle fruity watermelon
Consistency: Creamy, smooth and light – not sticky
Portability: Excellent – the 4g pots can be stacked together and easily fit in a clutch
Value for money: Great

UK celeb Trinny Woodall knows a thing or two about makeup. The Trinny London Lip Glow Lip Gloss isn’t sticky or heavy like others; it simply delivers the perfect pop of sheer colour and shine.

Enriched with Vitamin E, this lip gloss is moisturising, soothing and delectable, leaving lips plump, soft and glossed. Available in six colours in various warm tones, these provide a sheer touch of colour to brighten any look.

The formula is creamy yet light, and it can be built up for a more intense colour, or simply applied in one slick for a subtle hue.

Stacked makeup and skincare packaging
All of the TRINNY makeup products can be stacked together for easy transportation.

The 4g pots are ideal for a handbag – and they can be stacked with other products in the range such as highlighters, blush and cheek tints, creating a portable, multi-use stack. And although 4 grams doesn’t seem like a lot for the price of $30, these little pots of goodness last on average 3 months. Additionally, after applying on the lips, the remnants can be applied one the cheeks for a rosy glow.

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