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Five minutes with Sally Fitzgibbons

Fresh from her Fiji Women’s World Pro triumph, surfing champ and vivacious beauty Sally Fitzgibbons talks health, skincare and why she wants other women to #LiveLikeSally. On coming home to Australia… When you’re away or far from home all you want to do is get back and feel nurtured. It’s a special thing to come […]

Cut and tone fast

How to target specific areas and have a toned body. Total body conditioning is the best way to cut and tone effectively. To get a good overall body workout, you need to focus on specific areas to really feel the burn. Legs Cycling does wonders for the thighs and calves. Start your workout with four […]

Glam up your one-piece swimsuit. Tips on how to get it right.

Some simple tips on how to glam up your one-piece swimsuit from day to night. With a month of summer to go, we know you’re probably getting tired of changing out of your swimsuit to get dressed.  We’ve come up with some tips to keep it on, but as your best fashion accessory yet, so […]

The right foundation for your fitness – our favourite summer foundations.

A self confessed fitness junkie, here are insider tips on the right foundation to wear when working out in the heat. Wearing the right foundation during a fitness session can actually enhance your fitness experience, and help motivate you for your next one. The key is accepting it’s highly likely you need a different foundation […]

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