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5 Easy New Year’s Resolutions

Here are five easy new years resolutions to help you stay motivated for 2019. New Years Day is a time to look forwards and embrace the person you want to be. Most research each year shows only around 8% of us stick to our resolutions, so keep things simple, and change not only your life […]

New Year’s Resolution: Give Yourself a Digital Detox

It might be time to give yourself a digital detox in 2019. We all spend too much time in the digital space, especially over the Christmas and New Years period. Taking a break from social media is tough for anyone, especially when most of us run our world through the Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook space. […]

Mindfulness Not Working? Here’s Why you Should Try Vedic Meditation Instead

Former corporate lawyer turned meditation teacher Kimberley Chan, spoke to Bondi Beauty about Vedic meditation on why it works and how meditation changed her career. High Stress, no time, no room for failure is what some could say accurately describes the environment of a lawyer. High risk for high reward, but at what cost? A […]

8 Easy Self-Changes To Focus On In 2018

It’s the same every year. By now, you have over-indulged in too much food, and feel run down and tired. By the time the holiday season comes to a complete end, you are now full steam ahead again. And any type of rest and relaxation, you may have caught up on, has now been left […]

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