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Swimming can help you kick those kilos

Swimming can be used to spice up your exercise routine this summer. Swimming allows you to feel weightless and free and is perfect to include in your exercise routine during the summer months. If your exercise routine involves a lot of high impact activities such as running, aerobics or netball, swimming is a great way […]

Kettlebells, ropes, suspension training – worth the hype?

Are kettlebells, ropes and TRX suspension really going to help you achieve your strength and fitness goals any faster than a run and a set of dumbbells? We give you the real rundown. Kettlebells Kettlebell training definitely offers strength and power results, if not always equal to traditional weight lifting. What they do offer is a […]

Exercise motivation secrets revealed

As summer approaches, make sure your exercise motivation is at an all-time high. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 58% of women 18 years and over do not meet physical activity guidelines, recommended by the government. So what is it exactly that motivates us to workout? And how can we utilise these insights […]

You don’t have to leave home to look hot

You can keep your body looking hot at home. Sydney PT Rachel Livingstone says it’s not too late. There may be the odd rainy or cooler day, but summer is still here. Make sure you – and your body, are ready to enjoy the last of sunshine – and your swimmers. Start these 4 exercises […]

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