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Tanning for Winter: How to Protect your Clothes and Sheets from Self-Tan

Sick of orange streaks and marks staining your fabrics? Use these tips to keep the fake tan on your skin, not on your clothes or sheets. With winter fast approaching, tanning mitts and spray bottles are about to be more in use than ever for people still after that sun-kissed glow. But there’s nothing more […]

How To Get Glowing, Tanned Skin During Winter

Maintaining a summer glow is hard work but thanks to these beauty products, you can look sun-kissed all winter long. Instant tans are a great way to achieve that summer glow, all winter long, without the long-term commitment and with minimal effort. Not only will instant tans give you a healthy, bronzed look all winter […]

Fake Tan? Contouring with Self Tan can slim you 5kgs:

Here’s how to slim down 5kgs with fake tan: Models and The Victoria Secrets Angels have been onto this instant slimming technique for years. We use fake tan to give the impression we have been soaking up rays on some sun drenched beach for days, so why not use it to make us look toned and […]

The best self tan ever. Now.

How to have the the best self-tan ever.   Bondi Beauty spoke to St Tropez skin finishing expert Michael Brown for the best insider tips on how to ensure your self-tan is the best you can get. 
1) Why do some self-tanning products suit some skin types and not others? And what is the secret to […]