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Nuts and why they work as a post-workout snack

Sydney Fitness trainer Bibi Yip talks to Bondi Beauty’s Georgia Brown about the potential benefits of pistachios: One of the lowest kilojoule nuts If you are one to regularly snack on almonds, it might be time to give pistachios a chance. A standard 30 gram serve of Pistachios contains about 732 kilojoules. “A 30 gram […]

We road test the Lorna Jane Fitness Challenge

Bondi Beauty India Witzand road tested the Lorna Jane Fitness Challenge with surprising results.   If there’s one thing that just has never been my ‘thing’ it’s exercise. My idea of fitness is a stroll along the beach, or a quick, fast paced walk to the corner store. By no means would you find me […]

Make your own super food – Alkalised Almonds

Why alkalising your almonds is worth the effort (and not that hard anyway). What are Alkalised Almonds? Almonds are one of the superfoods with many nutritious benefits such as being a great source of vitamin E, magnesium and protein. However, certain natural properties prevent almonds from releasing all the benefits and might be harmful in […]

Eating your way to higher energy levels

Feeling drained and tired? Low energy levels are no fun for anyone, here’s how to eat for increased energy. Bondi Beauty talks to Healthy Energy Consultant Dietitian Farah El-Chami, about how to stop feeling fatigued with 5 quick and easy nutritional tips. Although Farah El-Chami says that “simply eating a healthy balanced diet and performing […]

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