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How do they keep fit in that blistering Singapore heat?

A recent trip to Singapore got us thinking about how to work out in humid conditions. Here are some tips from Bondi Beauty for your next stop-over when travelling and how to cope with the searing heat and still work out. Summer in Bondi is hot, but life in Singapore is intensely hot and humid. […]

Wifi in national parks – what do you think?

Do you want to be able to post to social media from remote locations? A debate is raging over whether social media should move in on nature – in order to bring it to the world and inspire would-be travellers. There’s talk of wifi hot spots in national parks, at the top of mountains and […]

Where to get fit & travel in luxury.

Travelling to a location where you can get fit AND indulge is possible in almost every corner of the world. There’s no excuse for putting on weight during a holiday any more. Luxury resorts across the globe have developed health and wellness programs to suit everyone. These are our picks of the locations to get […]

How to stay fit & healthy when you travel.

 If you think you have to put on weight and stop exercising when you’re away, think again.  Fitness guru Alexa Towersey talked Bondi Beauty through a simple list of tips to follow when travelling to ensure you stay fit & healthy. For Alexa Towersey, personal trainer and athlete, travelling is part of everyday life. As […]

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