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Tackling Difficult Conversations

Tips for Talks We Dread, with Dr Kieran Kennedy “I’ve been meaning to say something for ages” “I know, I know. I need to just tell her” “Maybe if I just give it time, thing’s will get better?” “I wish I’d said something when I could have” Whether it’s confronting a thorn in the side […]

They’re Just Not That into You: Signs of A Serial Dater

Messages not responded to, a rush to get to the bedroom and last minute cancellations. Here’s how to spot a serial dater. The dating world can be a minefield of nerves, mixed communication and signals, and competition. And with dating apps becoming more popular than ever before (12 million matches occur on Tinder every day), […]

Millennials Are Too Poor To Date

Why do young adults opt for one night stands over a romantic dinner date in the city? Easy. Sex is free, dating isn’t. Amidst the timely debate on who is actually paying, student debt, rising house prices and the costly value of the beloved avo toast, millennials can hardly afford brunch, let alone a dinner […]

Things No One Tells you About Share-house Living in your 20s

From sex noises to orange traffic cones and KFC, share house living is an experience you’ll never forget. I’m 22, and I’ve lived in three different share houses since moving out of home at the age of 18. Living in a share house with some of my best friends has been an experience I’ll never […]

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