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How Fighting Can Strengthen Your Relationship – if done right:

Conflict is something we rarely feel like addressing, but denying and suppressing those negative thoughts can lead to anger and resentment. And the best part is, relationship expert Toby Green assures us that when a healthy fight is over, there’s no damage done. Her’s how to have a “good” fight: Fight Fair Sex and relationship […]

Is It Possible To Have Emotionally Safe Sex?

Emotionally safe sex – what are we doing to take care of our hearts? Condoms, birth control pill, lubricant – knowledgeable, modern women are all over safe sex.  We’ve been hearing it since grade school. But what are we doing for us? During sex, powerful chemicals are released within a woman’s body, designed to cause […]

Can men and women ever be “just friends” ? The Thin Line Between Mate And Date

 Can men and women really be friends? Chris Ayres sheds some light on the old ‘we’re just friends’ conundrum Since Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal suffered through twelve years of an agonising platonic-but-not-so-platonic relationship in 1989, men and women everywhere have been wondering whether they can really be JUST friends. Now, twenty-five years after the […]

The secret powers of fragrance and finding the one for you

Fragrance is packed with the power to evoke powerful emotions. From Ancient Greeks to the Egyptians, Romans and French, women have harnessed the power of  fragrance to evoke the senses for centuries. It’s biological.  The part of the brain that processes emotions, also analyses scents and brings them together, so your perfume could be your […]

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