6 Simple Beauty Tips For When You Wake Up Looking Like A Corpse



We’ve all woken up after a big night out or a stressful few days, looked in the mirror, and wondered how and when we came to be a perfect replica of the Corpse Bride.

Here are Bondi Beauty’s tried and tested tips for when you wake up looking devoid of all life and colour.

Try a little acupressure:

Pinch the top of your nose, just under your eyebrows, and, applying pressure, massage in slow circles for 15-30 seconds. This boosts circulation around the eye area and helps drain the excess fluids causing those puffy, dark circles.

Chill out your eye bags:

Applying some cold pressure around your eyes helps reduce puffiness and calm down that early morning swell. Top tips for this include holding a cold metal spoon over each eye, brewing then chilling green tea bags and using them as an eye mask, or rubbing an ice cube around each eye in the morning.

Use blush as eyeshadow.

This trick takes all of 10 seconds but makes a huge difference. Simply take a little blush and blend it across the outer half of your eyelids for a natural-looking makeup solution for a tired, colourless complexion. This will also create perfect colour coordination across your face if you use the blush on your cheeks as well.

Trianglular concealer:

Geometry is your best friend when it comes to properly concealing eye bags. Rather than only applying concealer on the eye bags themselves, create an upside-down triangle of concealer swooping under your eye and about one inch down towards the corners of your mouth.

Highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes.

This one is a classic – simply put a little highlighter or a pale eyeshadow in the inner corners of each eye to make them appear wider and more awake.

Bronzer is your best friend.

Adding some colour to your face is the ultimate way to look like a real, living being. Apply bronzer across your cheeks, the top corners of your forehead, and
along your chin bone to add a sun-kissed look to a pale face.

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