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Opinion: Girl’s don’t want (or need) a relationship anymore

Congrats ladies! We’ve officially turned the corner and realised that more often than not, our own company is better than the company of a man. The roles are changing. We are less obsessed with finding a relationship, getting married and having kids, and I for one, am very happy about it. When a woman says […]

Smelling your partner can actually relieve stress

Well here’s some quirky news for your day…Sniffing your mans t-shirt before a big test will help you feel A LOT less stressed. It turns out that for women, you don’t even need to see or hear from your partner for them to help you feel less nervous or anxious as their manly musk is […]

Don’t Let Money Ruin Your Relationships

One relationship issue that comes up over and over again is money. Money is one of the leading causes of stress in relationships and often the reason couples break up. Bondi Beauty spoke to Sydney’s Katia Loisel, author and dating and relationship advice expert on how to bring up the sensitive subject of money with […]

The common ‘white lie’ in dating that needs to stop

If you have been on a date at some point in the last 5 years, you would have either said or been on the receiving end of this ‘white lie’ pearler. “I’m just not looking for a relationship right now”. Ugh. That has the same amount of bullshit seeping from it as this old gem; […]

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