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The easiest way to teach yourself to eat well and lose weight for life.

The sound of healthy, home delivered meals didn’t get us excited at Bondi Beauty until we tried them for 3 days and were transformed. We are all pressed for time, and eating well balanced, healthy, low fat meals under time pressure is never easy. One of the many advantages of home delivered meals is you […]

A cream to dissolve fat? Scientists are saying maybe.

Scientists researching baldness have stumbled on a protein that could reduce fat production. In research looking at hair growth, it has been discovered that the fat tissue under the hair follicles is activated by the same protein that triggers hair growth. This discovery could lead to the invention of fat dissolving creams. The groundbreaking research […]

Fitness trends for 2014. These are the fitness trends we think will be big this year to tone up, lose weight, & have fun.

From HIIT to night fitness, these are the fitness trends Bondi Beauty predicts for 2014. Don’t be surprised to see some old favourites in our list of fitness trends for 2014. They’re only to get bigger, but there are a few new trends beside them.  HIIT You’ve heard us talk about HIIT before – workout […]

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