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Coconut Oil Is Out and Canola Oil Is In

Forget using coconut oil in your beauty routine, canola oil is stealing the spotlight s a natural skincare product. As canola oil is rich in vitamin K and E, it makes for a great natural alternative to most skincare products when seeking to help cure dryness, skin irritations or any other concern. There are multiple […]

Bizarre Beauty Secrets from Around the World

Bird Poop Facials and Snail Excretions? You won’t believe some of these remedies to try and look beautiful. It seems there is always a new beauty trend popping up that is said to benefit skin or makeup routines. But around the world, these trends can be very different to what is seen here. From bird […]

6 Reasons Why Coconut Oil Should Become Part of Your Life

Love coconut, but not sure what to do with it? Here are six reasons why coconut oil should become part of your life. There are host of ways to include coconut oil in your daily life and you will benefit greatly. Coconut oil holds a world of healthy benefits, from being nutrient and vitamin rich, […]

Harvard Professor Says Coconut Oil is Poison

Experts now claim coconut oil is pure poison and one of the worst things for your health. In a recent lecture held in Germany, Karin Michels; an epidemiologist from Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health has spoken out about the superfood, stating the high saturated fat in coconut oil is causing more harm than […]

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