Zero Carb Alcoholic Drinks



This could be the easiest way to enjoy night out without the calories.

No carb alcoholic beverages are all the rage when it comes to drinking on a diet.

So, if you want to lose weight but aren’t quite ready to give up Saturday night drinks with the girls, there is a solution.

The most important rule to remember when picking your drinks is to see how many carbs it has per serving.

A healthier alternative will have 0-4g of carbs per glass.


If you are a vino-connoisseur, you are in luck.

Dry wines are a great low-carb alcoholic choice, especially in comparison to a sickeningly sweet dessert wine such as Moscato (11.4g per serving).  

Dry wines include both red and white wines.

The best low-carb red wines are (highest to lowest):

Merlot (3.69g per serving)

Pinot Noir (3.4g per serving)

Cabernet Sauvignon (3.38g per serving)

Shiraz Syrah (3.8g per serving)

The best low-carb white wines are:

Chardonnay (3.18g per serving)

Pinot Gris (3.03g per serving)

Sauvignon Blanc (3.01g per serving)


Gin and Tonic image from by sgroene.
Gin and Tonic.

For zero carb options there are a range of liquors and spirits to choose from:

Whiskey (0g per serving)

Gin (0g per serving)

Tequila (0g per serving)

Brandy (0g per serving)

Cognac (0g per serving)

Vodka (0g per serving)

Rum (0g per serving)

This only applies when these drinks are taken dry, on the rocks or as a shot so stay mindful of cocktails.

When mixed soft drinks, juices, or other sugar syrups, the carb load in these drinks increase tremendously.

Stay clear of tonic water altogether as many people don’t realise, it actually does contain a lot of carbs. (14g per serving)

Mixers with no carbs include club soda, sparkling water, diet tonic water and diet sodas such as diet coke.

Beer and Cider

Two girls cheers with beer and cider. Image by elevate from
Having a beer with a mate.

If you love a pint at the local pub, kiss those beers (13g per serving) goodbye.

Beer is stacked full of calories and can often lead to bloating and weight gain according to Medical News Today.

If you struggle to drink anything else, there are lighter beer options that have less carbs such as Bud Select 55 (1.8g per serving) and Michelob Ultra (2.6g per serving). 

Cider, however, does not fall under this umbrella of light beer.

It has very similar levels of carbohydrates as beer, if not higher due to the increased amount of sugar.

This goes for sweet liqueurs as well such as Baileys (7.4g per serving), Jägermeister (27g per serving) and Kahlúa (15g per serving).

Zero Carb Cocktails

If you are looking for some zero carb cocktail options, these are our favourites:

Dry Martini (0g per serving)

Vodka Soda (0g per serving)

Gin and Diet Tonic (0g per serving)

Rum and Diet Coke (0g per serving)

Moscow Mule with Diet Ginger Ale (0g per serving)

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