Celebrating Over 100 Years of Beauty



Celebrating beauty brands who have surpassed one hundred years in the beauty industry and still going strong.

Where some have re-branded, others have released hot new products to help us feel more beautiful; from the inside out.

We take a look a three successful beauty brands who have stood the test of time in the beauty industry.


Turning 120 years old, Schwartzkopf has become a household brand for many women; globally. From there hair colours to rich shampoos and conditioners. It seems like there is nothing this spectacular brand can do. And it all started with the humble easy rinse colour palette of hair dyes, where you could change the colour of hair each week, with there non permanent hair dyes.

Now they stock a wide-variety of semi-permanent and permanent hair colours ranging from platinum blonde to pastel orange and a stellar selection of hair styling products to compliment your new colour.

We are loving the new spray on LIVE range; which is a selection of colour ranging from red and blonde to silver and blue. You spray on the colour to either your hold head, or end for a balayage look and voila, new hair style. These sprays don’t dry hard or sticky, the colour won’t imprint on clothing and it lasts for up to 7 days, or until you wash it out. You can even style over the top of the colour with heat stylers and the colour won’t budge.

A stunning selection of some of Schwartzopf’s NEW products on offer.


You may or may not have heard of this Australian beauty brand, but Tilley has been around for over 150 years and has been successfully making and selling soaps in Australia, since it was founded in 1865. Normally found hiding in chemists, gift and souvenir shops or boutique clothing and jewellery shops, Tilley has been widely popular as the gift of choice for many women over 35 for many decades.

Founded by a clever young Arthur Tilley, this brand has survived two world wars, a great depression and the GFC of 2008 and has now become Australia’s oldest soap manufacturer; which is 100 percent Australian owned.

This year, to celebrate their milestone of being one of the most successful soap brands in Australia, Tilley has undergone a huge re-brand, launching a wide-range of deliciously scented lifestyle products outside of just soaps. Although, they always sold products like hand creams and body lotions, they now sell a beautiful range of home scents ranging from diffusers to candles and a stunning selection of skincare products to die for.

Beautifully crafted and in it’s new packaging, these products make the perfect gift for either yourself (which the BB team does all the time) or for someone special. Our fave is the Tasmania Lavender Hand Cream and the Orange Blossom scented candle, but we are obsessing over their Spiced Pear Diffuser also.


Did you know this beautiful Japanese beauty brand is now over 146 years old? Neither did we.

Shiseido was Japan’s first western-style pharmacy beauty brand to ever launch; starting with a softening lotion called Eudermine, which launched in 1897. This lotion can still be found on the Shiseido counters 140 years later and sold in the original packaging style from when it first launched – if you look hard enough and your familiar with the brand, you will identify the packaging right away as being original. Another Shiseido cult product which has stood the test of time is their Rainbow Face powder, which was one of the world’s first colour correcting and mood lighting face powders to be created by a beauty brand. In-fact Shiseido have revolutionised many beauty products, before other brands hopped on board, like their transluscent face powders which have been around for a long time now.

Here’s a fun fact for you, After the launch of Shiseido’s first beauty products, the brand also launched the first ice-cream shop in Japan. This ice-cream shop was branched off in 1928, however it is still in business today in Japan; a remarkable thing.

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