Sarah Carroll


Sarah navigates health and fitness alongside a sinful sweet tooth and an unfortunate tendency to splash her savings online shopping, eating out or buying $10 cocktails at happy hour. With a love for yoga, animals and musical theatre, Sarah is rarely found without a peppermint-green tea in hand, tearing up over animal videos on Instagram.

How Alkaline Water Transformed One Man’s Health Journey

This is how one man’s personal health struggles sparked his discovery of the power of alkalising the body, and the foundation of Australia’s most loved Alkaline water brand.

How To Kick Start Your Yoga Journey

This is the ultimate buying guide to kick start your yoga journey. When pressure from work, study and everyday life is getting on top of you, there is a way to de-stress that doesn’t involve reaching for an extra glass of red with dinner. Yoga and meditation is a healthy and sustainable solution to the […]

How To Have Flawless, Glowing Skin

These treatments and products from Sydney’s The Clinic will have your complexion ready and glowing for any event this season.

7 Simple Ways To Save Money Without Really Trying

These 7 simple ways to save money will have your savings account on the up without any major sacrifices.

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