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New Year’s Resolution: Give Yourself a Digital Detox

It might be time to give yourself a digital detox in 2019. We all spend too much time in the digital space, especially over the Christmas and New Years period. Taking a break from social media is tough for anyone, especially when most of us run our world through the Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook space. […]

Why I left Facebook for a Week

Why I left Facebook for a week: I’m just going to go ahead and say it – I am a huge Trump supporter. But before you go ahead and judge me on my right to free speech and independent thought, to like and dislike who I choose without any bias judgement, let me first explain […]

Does the Instagrammer You Are Following Really Exist?

There is a generation of Computer Generated Imagery or CGI instagrammers – are you following one? Do you ever sit on your bed for hours on end scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed wishing for the life of your favourite influencer? They have the lifestyle and appearance that makes you scream at your own […]