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Ease up on Paleo says US Professor.

The Paleo diet is great in principal, but we don’t have to be as strict as we think to glean the benefits. So what is the Paleo diet? The concept behind Paleo is a belief that to be healthier and happier we should return to the type of food our hunter gatherer ancestors ate. It […]

Grains of truth – why you shouldn’t ditch grains.

Eating grains can boost your overall health, so don’t ditch grains just yet.   So what exactly are grains? Grains are basically just fruits of the grass family, and they are good for you. When we talk about grains, we mean that small, hard, dry little seed that are harvested and treated and then used […]

A five minute health & fitness round-up from a Bondi bloke.

Bondi Personal Trainer and co-author of Clean Living Scott Gooding gives a five minute health & fitness round-up. There’s so much information on health and fitness it can often be very overwhelming and confusing as to which is the best approach and direction to take. I recommend the Paleo diet, and regular exercise. The paleo […]

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