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Rachael Finch’s Fast Lunchtime Workout

Lunchtime is the best time for a fast workout according to fitness guru Rachael Finch. A workout during your lunch break is a brilliant idea, especially over winter, because it’s the hottest part of the day and your body is already partially warmed and ready to go. Plus, you’ll get back to work feeling amazing […]

You don’t have to leave home to look hot

You can keep your body looking hot at home. Sydney PT Rachel Livingstone says it’s not too late. There may be the odd rainy or cooler day, but summer is still here. Make sure you – and your body, are ready to enjoy the last of sunshine – and your swimmers. Start these 4 exercises […]

Cut and tone fast

How to target specific areas and have a toned body. Total body conditioning is the best way to cut and tone effectively. To get a good overall body workout, you need to focus on specific areas to really feel the burn. Legs Cycling does wonders for the thighs and calves. Start your workout with four […]