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Where to Eat Clean in Bondi

Bondi is jammed with healthy eateries – here are five of our favourite clean eating cafes/restaurants – tried and tested by us. You’re welcome. Banana Blossom – Asian Fusion Salads Banana Blossom is an Asian inspired salad bar that caters for Vegans, Vegetarians and Gluten free. The fresh produce supplied to Banana Blossom for their […]

Healthy may not mean better

Healthy foods in your supermarket may not actually be better for you. In fact, they could be worse than their “normal” counterparts. We have all the ‘nutrition claims’ explained. The health food aisles of our supermarkets are becoming increasingly overwhelming. We are bombarded with claims that packaged products are reduced fat, or 99% fat free […]

The DASH Diet is reportedly the healthiest. Why? It’s not really a diet.

The DASH diet is reportedly the healthiest as it’s not really a diet but an overall healthy approach to eating. BB Intern Brooke Davie finds looks at what it actually is. Here are the do’ s and don’ts of the DASH diet and break it down for you. The Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension is […]

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