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To Lose Weight, Do This:

The truth about fad diets and weight loss is in our relationship and our history with food. Our relationship with food starts developing within minutes of our birth, as soon as we take our first sip of breast milk. Receiving food from our parents and observing their relationship with food play important roles in how we […]

Food Therapy? It’s the new black

Food therapy? Yes, it’s a new type of therapy. You look at food, yes, every single thing you are eating, and boom, there are your issues. Sounds odd I know, but a session with Perth based expert, Doctor Katherine Iscoe and a subsequent week of keeping a food diary helps you gain a deeper understanding […]

Am I the only one who hates trying on swimsuits?

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person in the world who hates trying on new swimsuits. I have spent the last few days on the Gold Coast, and what does a girl do in her down time on the GC? Shop for swims suits, of course. There are an inordinate number of swimsuit […]