Six Ways Indoor Plants Are The Best Investment In Your Health



Indoor plants are more than just a pretty face.

Believe it or not, indoor plants are on trend, with plant-filled homes taking over Instagram. And, people are heading to Bunnings and plant boutiques in droves to satisfy green cravings now they are spending more time at home. 

This plant addiction is actually doing more good than bad, and there are many ways house plants can be beneficial. The benefits of plants’ abilities are much more than converting carbon dioxide to oxygen or making a room look magazine-spread-ready. And even more intriguing is that even images of plants indoors can help improve your quality of life.

Here are six ways that plants can improve your life.

Natural humidifier

Swap an air humidifier for a pot plant and save money on electricity in a stylish way. Plants take in and release water from the air in a way that air humidity stays constant and comfortable. This may also indirectly improve skin conditions caused by dry air. 

The best natural humidifiers: A Boston Fern is an ideal plant to keep humidity at a perfect level.

Boston fern purifies air.
Boston fern purifies air.

Cleaner air

Plants pull up to 87% of toxins out of the air in 24 hours and convert them into harmless by-products that the plants can use later. 

Toxins found indoors are either from outdoor pollution or harmful indoor air particles, such as mould, viruses and harmful chemicals that find their way from the outside into houses. 

Other toxins come from wall paint, plastic, rubber and vinyls that break down over time, releasing small airborne particles into the air. But after placing a few plants around the house, air will be much fresher and healthier to breathe. 

Plants for cleaner air: Pothos, Snake Plant and others are best for air filtering.

Pothos plant
Pothos plant.


Ever wondered where that calm feeling after a walk in the park comes from? It is because getting in touch with nature reduces mental fatigue and stress. Even touching a plant can make the mind feel subconsciously more calm. This may stem from the fact that humans evolved amongst nature and surrounded by green.

Plants to calm: any plant with a lot of green, such as Monstera, succulents or peace lilies. 

woman with green monstera plant
A gorgeous, green Monstera plant.

Increase Focus

Plants can boost productivity and learning capabilities by up to 15%. A study by Pitt and Smith (2009)concluded that people found offices with plants to be more comfortable, productive and creative than those without. 

Plants to help increase focus: Rosemary can help improve memory, and can also be used as a herb in cooking.

Plants above a desk to help with focus.

Better Sleep

Scents released by plants can help relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression and restlessness symptoms, all of which can decrease sleep quality. 

Plants for better sleep: Lavender is the perfect plant for adding a little colour and a soothing scent to a room. 

Plants help you get a better night's sleep.
Plants help you get a better night’s sleep.

Improved Immunity

Plants release phytonutrients into the air such as phytoncides that help reduce stress. A study found that adding plants to hospital rooms resulted in a greater increase in wellbeing than those without plants.

Plants for immunity: any plant will help, but get started with Rubber Plants, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Money Plants or air plants. 

indoor plants

Fake it ‘til you make it

This study by Sim and Kwack (1994) found that just the imagery of plants can positively affect people. This is great news for those without a green thumb, as even plant inspired wall art or fake plants can help. 

Wallpaper for positive plant love: EtsySociety 6Zanui or Temple and Webster.

plant wall art

When it comes to plants, more really is more.

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