Ally Bodnaruk


Ally enjoys long books and large coffees. She spends most of her time daydreaming about new places to travel instead of writing, and the rest of it daydreaming about all the things she’d like to write.

Ditch the sugar, not the cake. Sugar free sweets.

You can still enjoy a sweet hit, without the sugar. Sugar-free cake recipes. Bondi Beauty talks to sugar-free pioneer Carolyn Hartz. While we recognise the benefits of cutting sugar out of our diets, the biggest problem we’ve had at Bondi Beauty is actually removing sugary treats from our lives. Who doesn’t love a slice of […]

Organic Beauty Products? What are the real benefits?

Organic beauty products don’t just benefit your skin. There’s more to using organic beauty products than being healthy for your skin. You’re actually doing more for the environment as well. Organic is taking the beauty world by storm, but like many new trends, sometimes it’s not clear what exactly this means.  Traditionally, “organic” is a […]

Are you over-using your mobile phone?

Over-using our phones can cause mental health issues. An American study published in Computers in Human Behaviour has given us another reason to limit how much we use our smartphones. The study draws links between overuse of a mobile phone and an increased risk of mental health issues. This is partly due to the constant […]

Want more money? Play more music.

Everyone loves listening to music, and listening to different types of music can actually improve your life. Here’s how: 1. Improve Focus Listening to certain types of music, specifically classical music with its harmonious melodies and lack of lyrics while completing multi-step, solution based tasks improves your concentration and alertness. So next time someone wants to […]

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