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The Coachella of Fitness; The Biggest Fitness Craze coming to Australia in 2019.

This new fitness craze, tagged as the coachella of fitness (without the drugs) is going to be huge in 2019. America’s wacky fitness trend – a three-hour dance rave at 5 o’clock in the morning, is coming to Australia. Daybreaker, an early morning, three-hour dance rave fitness event, has announced it will launch in Sydney. […]

Cycling Under Water is the Latest Fitness Craze in New York

New Yorkers are loving this new way to keep fit, toned, and have fun It’s the trend that’s got everyone talking. Cycling underwater, wellness, sort of anyway. You aren’t completely underwater, so your hair doesn’t get wet (winning), but your body is half submerged under water so your body gets the best workout ever. Imagine […]