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Lateness Junkies? Pfft. Now I’ve Heard It All

According to the American monthly publication, The Atlantic magazine, there is officially a new personality trait – the purposeful late arriver. In other words, someone who is genetically programmed to be late. Born with it.  They say they are typically type B personalities (relaxed and unambitious), and being late is essentially not their fault.They actually […]

Is Red Lipstick The Secret To Success?

Ok, so I am being cheeky, but in a day and age where a woman’s appearance is scrutinised more than ever thanks to the advent of social media, and the fact we work ( and do) more than ever, what we look like IS important. There are a myriad of studies that confirm a tailored […]

What It’s Like Being a Mum

They say it’s the toughest job in the world. They say mum’s carry the brunt of parenting, and they say a whole lot more about motherhood – and in my experience as a single mother of 11 year old twins, it’s all true. But this mother’s day I want to shout out to my many […]