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Is the Theragun, the world’s best self-massage gun, worth the price tag? Bondi Beauty road-tests.

The Theragun was created out of sheer pain and necessity, when Chiropractor Dr. Jason Wersland was left in constant and debilitative pain following a motorcycle accident. Click here to read Bondi Beauty’s interview with the founder, to unpack how and why his massage gun came to market.

The Theragun percussive technology means the device comes off and on the body 40 times per second, which makes for an amazing pain relief of muscle aches.

I tested the G3PRO ($849 AUD), which is the most powerful massage tool at the top of the market. Housed in a sturdy black travel case, and despite only actually weighing 1.4kg, this pro-level Theragun packs a serious punch – literally.

 I am quite sensitive when it comes to massages, so the ability to change the speed of the device, from a standard deep treatment speed to a lighter, sensitive speed, was well-welcomed.

This thing literally vibrates your whole body, and I found I had to lay down because of the vibrations were so intense – in a good way. Within a few minutes, my muscles that were aching from two-day-old DOMS from my last gym session were relieved and unwound.

Just why is the Theragun so effective?

Using the Theragun, it’s easy to massage yourself in those hard to reach places, like the lower back. The ergonomic triangular design means that the device can be held in a variety of ways for easy access. 

In the G3PRO model, there’s also the option to customise the positioning of the massage arm, which only furthers this ease of use.

For extra effect and a harder massage, the Theragun can also be operated by someone else, on your body. I found this great for when my muscles were so sensitive, that personal use meant I stopped the machine before I really dug deep. Having someone else to operate the gun was great for reaching that true therapeutic effect.

The Theragun G3PRO
The six attachments included in the G3PRO (bottom left) provide a customisable treatment tailored to different bodily aches and pains.

Six attachments are available for the G3PRO massager that target different areas of soreness.

Dampener: Tender areas or near bones

Large Ball: large muscle groups

Standard ball: overall use

Wedge: for scraping, shoulder blades and IT bands

Thumb: lower back and trigger point therapy

Cone: pinpoint specific muscle treatment.

The attachments I preferred the most was the large ball, particularly on my back, as it wasn’t too strong or intense. Rather it was a deep, gentle massage over a large area.

And despite being initially scared by the pointy cone piece, I actually came to like this attachment a lot, especially on the faster speed, over the slower. This brings truth to the Gate Control Theory of Pain, which says that the continuous percussive motion of the Theragun blocks the pain receptors from reaching the brain.

Although the first few seconds of the treatment were intense; the feelings gave way to relief and relaxation.

The device’s motor is quite loud, however Dr. Wersland says this is one of the points of improvement the brand is continuously working on – since earlier models, the motor has been insulated to reduce the overall sound by 50%.

Additionally, a great feature about the G3PRO is the inclusion of two, interchangeable batteries. It means that once one of the batteries runs out, which has a 75 minute battery life, it can be immediately swapped for the other battery left on charge. This means you never have to be without the machine, or wait for charging times.

So, is the Theragun worth the price tag?

The sheer power of the device leads me to say yes. This thing is built seamlessly, and the action is truly so powerful that everyone I’ve showed has been shocked.

There are other massage devices out there, but this one takes the cake – you get what you pay for, and I imagine lower cost devices definitely would not have the same engineering or percussive, vibrating power that the Theragun has.

Additionally, it’s easy to travel with, thanks to the sturdy travel case. Just make sure to stow it in your carry-on luggage if flying – most lithium batteries, like the one inbuilt into the Theragun, aren’t allowed in checked luggage.

The different models available mean there is an option for everybody

The Theragun is available in three different models, all with varying price tags.

the liv Theragun
The liv is the most affordable option at $375 AUD.

The liv is classed as the “essential” model, at the most affordable price of $375 AUD. This model only features one speed and two attachments, the dampener and the standard ball. It also delivers only half the force of the other models, and the batteries are inbuilt, meaning they must be charged once the 45 minute life runs out.

The G3 is the next premium model (RRP $549 AUD) and features the same two speeds as the G3PRO. This model also includes four attachments, which makes for a more customisable treatment than the liv. Like the liv, the batteries are in built, but the life is a little longer, at 60 minutes.

G3 Theragun
The G3 offers four attachments and a two speed function.

It’s also a tad lighter than the PRO, weighing a measly 1.2kg. This version would be ideal for travel, and the lower price point than the PRO makes it more attractive to lower income earners. The two speed function on both the G3 and the PRO are definitely worth the investment, whether you are an athlete, a corporate worker or elderly person.

Everyone has aches and pains, and the Theragun, born out of Dr. Wersland’s necessity, helps alleviate them.

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