Why the Pandemic is the Best Thing to Happen to Dating (Plus luxe to less brows).



The world as we know it has changed, and whilst it may not seem like it, it’s actually all good news for dating.

I have a pile of single friends, many in their late 30’s, excited and ready to meet THE GUY. They want marriage and babies. But thanks to Covid-19 and the economic aftermath (that has only just begun), they say dating right now is not only not fun, it’s damn hard work.

On the surface, it looks bad. It’s as if so many guys are not putting in any effort, except if they are exes – who all seem to be texting non-stop, (they’re the ones to be wary of).

Quick sex is not as easy to find out there right now, so people (exes) are looking back to see who is still in the rear view mirror.

Online dating has become a walk-fest. Many guys simply want to go for a walk for a date. There’s no booze, or big spending or fancy cars, ubers or outfits. This is real connection – or not.

Other dates are asking girls to watch Netflix and chill – on date one, two, three ..you get the drift. It’s easier to get a girl home when that’s “the safest pace to be,” right? Wrong. They are again the dates to decline.

One guy met a friend of mine for date one at his front door wearing a pair of socks and a tracksuit and asked what time she was leaving as she sat down on his couch as he had a zoom with his mates at 8.30pm. WTAF? Needless to say she left at that very moment, never to be seen again.

And guys seem to be freezing up when it comes to dinner or lunch dates – they’re texting, but not making plans. When they do make plans they have to book in advance and pay deposits, which for the first few dates can be both intimidating and a big investment, and, lets face it – for many guys, just too much of a hassle.

Girls are complaining – and I get it. But I actually think this is the best time to date if you are actually looking for a relationship. All of the above means guys have to work harder to make any kind of connection happen.

The pandemic is eliminating time wasters.

There is such little wriggle room on both sides. You can no longer fake it ’til you make it. And there is far less alcohol involved on dates now, which is another positive.

Making an effort is now a real effort. You can’t rely on falling into a great night, great restaurant, a great relationship or even great sex by chance. You have to work at it. And for women wanting a relationship of integrity, this is a great thing.

The pandemic has slowed down the dating process.

Multiple dating has become a lot more difficult. Duplicity has become harder. There are far less opportunities to pick up at the bars around town, and new partners are just, well less available, and much harder to find. Hurrah! This is great news for anyone looking for real commitment.

And thanks to Covid-19, sleeping around is risky. Someone would have to be mad to even consider it.

And amongst the current challenges facing singles, it’s easy to forget how bad Pre-Covid dating really was. Now THAT was bad.

It was mostly on-line, and typically, fast, furious, and often false. It was all too easy, especially for the guys. They had girls on tap, and they could just swipe right to meet someone new. Anywhere in the world, and they did, and we did.

There were false images posted online, lies about age, and even relationship status. Lots of dating and not much reliability, respect or commitment.

A lot of the crap has been cut out of the dating game. So accept the walking dates, enjoy the slower pace and find yourself a life partner. Just don’t be in too much of a hurry.

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