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A recent visit to Sydney beauty salon Jocelyn Petroni has restored my faith in Australian beauty salons.

As previously reported here, I have been slow off the mark to get back into my beauty routines, and this week I finally went to a beauty salon for the first time.

It was one of Sydney’s best, Jocelyn Petroni. I was invited by gorgeous, luxe Swiss nail brand Mavala for a manicure.

Renae Leith-Manos at Jocelyn Petroni salon, Woollahra
Renae Leith-Manos on the body-moulding bed at Jocelyn Petroni salon, Woollahra

Petroni is actually the manicurist for Chanel, so this woman knows nails, and knows luxury.

The light filled white salon is in Queen Street Woolahra, a gorgeous location, and everything about it reeks of class, elegance, status, space and calm.

The salon has huge ceilings, and an elegant reception with two well spoken, well manicured women welcoming clients.

Water and tea are offered in elegant glasses on metal trays, as clients wait in luxe lounge seats.

Manicures are done on body-moulding beds lying down, which immediately has a luxurious and absolutely relaxing feel to it.

My therapist was everything I wanted her to be. Warm, kind, a similar age to me, and chatty but not to chattty.

Renae Leith-Manos having  a manicure at Jocelyn Petroni salon, Woollahra
Renae Leith-Manos having a manicure at Jocelyn Petroni salon, Woollahra

She explained the different processes, miles from the regular rush in, rush out bustling nail salon shop fronts I usually go to. This manicure was all about detail.

The nails were cleansed, buffed, soaked, cuticles pushed back and carefully shaped. Then painted.

My manicure room was fit for a tea party for 20 – it was enormous, calming and luxe. I felt very spoilt.

Forty five minutes later I emerged with gorgeous nails full of Mavala products, and I felt like I had been pampered. I had relaxed, and my faith in Sydney beauty salons was well and truly restored, as well as the health of my nails.

The price? $80 for a full manicure.

(I was a guest at Jocelyn Petroni, to try Mavala products, not to write about the salon, but I couldn’t help but share the experience, as it was world class.)

Primer Worn Alone or Under Make-up From Luxe to Less

I love a little luxury, but for the days when my bank balance isn’t as full as  I might like, some fabulous products with a smaller price tag are what I reach for.

Trinny London BB Cream

This amazing cream is the ultimate primer under foundation to give skin a more flawless appearance. It helps tone down my redness, dark under eye circles and general imperfections. It works alone or with foundation, as a base, and the key is not to use much. Also has SPF 30.  Trinny London BFF Cream 30ml RRP: $65.00

Fenty Beauty Primer

Fenty Beauty is another brand changing the way we all think about and use makeup. The pro Filter Instant Retouch Primer  has a matte finish which works for my oily t-zone. It also colour corrects, makes pores appear smaller, and generally smooths my skin. Great site for travel. RRP 15ml $23.00

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1 thought on “The Beauty of a Luxury Beauty Salon

  1. Love a nice Beauty Salon, this looks divine. The only thing is the stairs, not everybody is that fit.
    Too many Beauty Salons are not professional enough and unfortunately are gossip shops. When u go into a Salon discretion is of the utmost importance as well as top products and very well trained therapists. For these I have no problem paying.
    Dianne xxx

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