A Vagina-Scented Candle.. umm..Really?



No idea who the target market is for these American candles but they’re being sold on Goop, with the label “This smells like my vagina”. Apparently it sold out in hours.

The vagina scent promises a fragrant blend of geranium, bergamot, and cedar juxtaposed with damask rose, and ambrette seed.

Wow. Maybe it’s for the single guy? The bachelor whose house is just missing that extra bit of something in the air?

Goop is Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website, (and in fact commentators have suggested Harry and Megan may soon launch a similar concept). And Gwyneth is no stranger to talking about her privates.

From vaginal steaming to jade eggs left inside the vagina overnight to bring on anything from increased power to sexual energy, she has certainly put controversy and her vagina in the spotlight before. But this is taking things to a new level.

The candle is (according to Goop) a collaboration between perfumer Douglas Little and Paltrow, and was apparently born when Gwyneth inhaled a new candle scent and claimed it smelt like vagina. The product’s descpription on Goop says:

“This candle started as a joke between perfumer Douglas Little and GP—the two were working on a fragrance, and she blurted out, “Uhhh..this smells like a vagina”—but evolved into a funny, gorgeous, sexy, and beautifully unexpected scent. “

So with a few tweaks, boom, the candle was a mainstream product being sold on her site.

And the reaction has been nothing short of positive.

The candle which costs $75.00 is currently sold out, but is expected to be re-stocked soon.

You can add your name to a waitlist to be the first to know when “This Smells Like My Vagina” is back in stock.

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