Yael Brender


I am a freelance writer, dreamer and booklover. I write, rewrite, bang head against keyboard. Edit, re-edit, bang head against keyboard.

I write for Bondi Beauty, Eat Drink Play, Warhol's Children and ZOS Magazine. Coffee is just as important as breathing, plus it makes me type faster! We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.

Going Low Carb For Dummies – get that summer body happening now.

At Bondi Beauty, we’re receiving a lot of requests for low-carb food options. Here is a 30 second guide to kicking carbs out of your diet: 1. WHAT TO DO: Cut out bread WHY? All brands of bread (including the ones that claim to be whole wheat) are packed with carbs and refined sugar HOW: If you […]

Coconut Water: Fab or Fad?

Coconut water has been called everything from Mother Nature’s sports drink to liquid gold. Experts weigh in about the truth of this so-called miracle product. Many companies claim coconut water will help you lose weight, slow down the ageing process, lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol and even cure a hangover. According to accredited […]

Bouncing Back from a Break-Up

Is there a right or wrong way to handle getting ditched? The Bondi Beauty Team look at getting over a break-up. By Bondi Beauty Intern Yael Brender If you Google ‘getting over a break-up’, you’ll get 3.19 million search results. To save you the time of trawling through them, the Bondi Beauty team have put […]

How Fighting Can Strengthen Your Relationship – if done right:

Conflict is something we rarely feel like addressing, but denying and suppressing those negative thoughts can lead to anger and resentment. And the best part is, relationship expert Toby Green assures us that when a healthy fight is over, there’s no damage done. Her’s how to have a “good” fight: Fight Fair Sex and relationship […]

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