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Miss Australia 2012 gives us her summer beauty tips.

Model and Miss Australia 2012 winner Renae Ayris talks to Bondi Beauty about summer beauty. From how she gets ready for summer to the importance of staying fit and healthy in the sun, Renae Ayris chats to Bondi Beauty about summer fun. One in 3 Australians are vitamin D deficient a Medical Express report tells us, […]

Was Daylight Saving Keeping Us Slim?

Is it possible morning light makes us slimmer? An American study says so. A US study conducted at Northwester University in Washington has found that people are more likely to be slimmer when exposed to more sunlight in the morning. The study found that of the fifty-four test subjects, the leanest people did not necessarily […]

Self-Tan Reviews. Self-Tanners Bondi Beauty swears by.

A tan is a summer essential, and self-tan is a booming industry in Australia. It’s easier, safer, and more reliable than the sun any day of the week. We review our top 5. But there’s not much worse than a bad self-tan. So which tan is best? We road tested a few of the latest […]

Back From The Brink

Summer can be a tough time to get back out there and kick-start your fitness, but we tell you how. We know you’ve heard of all of these, but here are the pros and cons why they’ll work for you right now; 1) Weights: Don’t be afraid. Many trainers swear weights tone the body faster […]

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