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Fitness Secrets to maximise your workout benefits.

These fitness secrets can quickly help you maximise the benefits of your workout. There are tricks to every trade, and fitness is no exception. Whether you are a  beginner or an expert, some simple new tips will help you maximize your workout benefits. Yoga Tradies secret: wriggle your toes During yoga’s more challenging positions we […]

How often should you wash your workout gear? Well, that all depends on how often you wear it.

How often should you wash your workout gear? Bondi Beauty investigates. By Fashion Contributor Narissa Moeller   Finding the time to chuck on a load of washing is a battle in itself for most women, and when you’re working out everyday, your laundry basket can really build-up. Not cool, or hygienic. So is it really bad […]

Fitness trends for 2014. These are the fitness trends we think will be big this year to tone up, lose weight, & have fun.

From HIIT to night fitness, these are the fitness trends Bondi Beauty predicts for 2014. Don’t be surprised to see some old favourites in our list of fitness trends for 2014. They’re only to get bigger, but there are a few new trends beside them.  HIIT You’ve heard us talk about HIIT before – workout […]

Back From The Brink

Summer can be a tough time to get back out there and kick-start your fitness, but we tell you how. We know you’ve heard of all of these, but here are the pros and cons why they’ll work for you right now; 1) Weights: Don’t be afraid. Many trainers swear weights tone the body faster […]

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