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Think getting fit is too costly? Think again. 7 tips to get you going (on a budget)

Think getting fit will cost you a fortune? It doesn’t have to. We’ve got 7 ways to do it on a budget.  A GYM: If  you have your heart set on joining a gym, the best way to save on membership is to look around. Do your research on which gyms there are in your local area […]

Workout harder, not longer and achieve better results? yes, it’s true with HIIT.

It’s true, if you workout harder, not longer, you can achieve better results. Welcome to HIIT, high intensity ineravl training, it brings extreme results. Nothing says new start better than the start of a new year. With the beginning of 2014 why not refresh yourself and pick up the intensity in your workouts. 2013 saw […]

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