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OMG! Sex makes you smarter

A legitimate study has shown sex really does make you smarter. In a world where news is always bad, this will surely brighten your day. Researchers have been linking sex to our intellect for a while now, and it seems a new study has further cemented the theory that getting down and dirty can actually make […]

Topless on Bondi but not on social media – Why?

A Bondi Beauty contributor is enraged you can go topless on Bondi Beach but not online. She’s asking why. Every summer there are topless women (and men) tanning on Bondi Beach. But when a woman posts a topless photo of herself or other women online, regardless of whether it be sexual or not, it will get […]

Sleep is as important as diet and exercise

Sleep is as important as diet and exercise, and the first step is turning off your phone at night.   Using technology late at  night is creating some significant bedtime hurdles, which mean many of us are not sleeping as much as we should. Sleep specialist Dr Carmel Harrington spoke to Bondi Beauty;  “Twenty years […]

Sex Facts: Can sex get you fit?

Sex may keep you fit, and done regularly enough, it definitely keeps your immune system strong and your body healthy. Australians can’t get enough of it. Keywords including ‘sex’ and ‘porn’ are searched almost 23 million times a month, according to Business Insider Australia. Bondi Beauty spoke one-on-one with Dr Ginni Mansberg, host of Embarrassing Bodies […]

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