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Compress yourself; What is compression gear, how does it work, and why you need it now

Compression gear, we’ve all heard of it, but what does it actually do? We know it’s tight and black, kind of serious-looking and hugs the oh-so perfectly carved muscles of professional athletes. So, why are we seeing more and more women on our morning run wearing it? We get to the bottom of it right […]

Back From The Brink

Summer can be a tough time to get back out there and kick-start your fitness, but we tell you how. We know you’ve heard of all of these, but here are the pros and cons why they’ll work for you right now; 1) Weights: Don’t be afraid. Many trainers swear weights tone the body faster […]

Which of your favourite fashion brands are cashing in on your fitness obsession?

From Sportscraft to Sportsgirl, some of your favourite fashion brands are cashing in in your fitness obsession. There are tons of trusty fitness brands we’ve known and loved for a long time – think Nike, New Balance, Adidas and Lorna Jane. We’ve run marathons in their footwear, swam lengths in their swimwear and done downward […]

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