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There are so many reasons why we love Netflix’s star of ‘The good place’, Jameela Jamil it is a hard task choosing 5 reasons we do.

Jameela Jamil at 33 years of age is an actress from the Netflix hit fantasy comedy ‘The Good Place’, model and feminist mentor. Currently, Jameel is dating singer James Blake. The UK born and raised star spent the early years of her life as a radio host before moving to the US to act in her first TV series.

Today, Jameela is an activist for women in all shapes and sizes all over the world. Jameel told Elle magazine ‘I like myself in spite of everything I’ve been taught by the media to hate myself about’.

Here are 5 things you may not have known about Jameela Jamil:

  1. She promotes self-love

She started a social media campaign in the image of defying the odds of social media influencers and body reshaping, called @i_weigh. A virtual space to express one’s own body fruitfully and happily without judgement. Jamil encourages her followers to post photos and talk about who they really are (#f*kyeah).

Supporting body love iweigh
@i_weigh instagram supporting body love

2. She is honest about celebrity photo shoppers

Late last year, she publicly targeted the Kardashian’s on body altering and promoting unhealthy fitness pills. She targeted the global issue of photoshopping in today’s society and how it effects woman’s self-esteem.

Jameela told Elle magazine, “I was disappointed, I mean how much money does this woman need? To post a totally airbrushed picture of yourself and allude to the idea that you’ll look like a Kardashian if you suck on this fucking lollipop – it’s so irresponsible and dishonest”. (#photoshopshame)

@commentsbycelebs image Jameela Jamil
Khloe Kardashian slag via @commentsbycelebs

3. She owns a company dedicated to hosting events for people with disabilities

In 2015, Jameela created the “Why not people?”, she certainly understands that discernment exists against people with disabilities. A company aimed at hosting comedy, music and dancing events widely accessible to all disabilities (#girlboss).

Jameela is a survivor, being open about challenges in life.  From anorexia at a young age to labyrinthitis (Labyrinthitis is an inner ear infection that can affect a person’s balance and hearing.).

At 17 she was in a car accident and was unable to walk for two years. After 18 months of intensive physiotherapy and steroid injections and gaining weight due to immobility, she regained mobility and decided to actively make a change to her life by becoming an activist.

Jameela Jamil bold and elegant woman
Bold and elegant all in one

4. She is authentic

Earlier in 2018 she owned up, after years of speculation, to having previously been professionally photoshopped. Unlike many celebrities today, she publicly apologised for her previous contribution to woman’s negative body image alterations.

On her Instagram account she shows real life experiences, of bloating and stretch marks. Showcasing the reality of celebrities, not just the photoshopped versions.

@Jameelajamiloffical showing off her stretch marks
@Jameelajamiloffical showing off her stretch marks

5. She is a feminist style icon

Before becoming known as Netflix’s ‘the good place’ actress, she was a model in England. Huffington post described her as a real fashion icon In 2012 she launched her own fashion label Very.

At the 2019 Golden Globes Jameela turned heads by notably wearing jeans under her gown.  She posted to a clip to twitter captioned, “An experienced woman wears jeans under her golden globes gown because it’s forking COLD”.

Jameela Jamil jeans under dress golden globes
Golden Globes 2019: Jameela Jamil dress x jeans
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