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Everyone can get anxious about what to wear when working out, especially when starting a new sport. Bondi Beauty asks Sydney stylist Nikki Phillips for her tips.


This workout gear from Sportsgirl looks good, and is practical for running, and indoor classes.

1)    What are the priorities for looking good when working out?

Firstly, I workout to tone my body and keep fit and healthy, looking good whilst doing that is not a major priority. Being comfortable however is. So choosing the right fitness gear, keeping my hair of my face and keeping hydrated are what makes for a happy workout.

2)    What should women think about when deciding what to wear when working out, and how should our clothes alter with different sports and activities?

You should always feel comfortable and confident working out, whether that means wearing a baggy shirt and tights or a tank top and shorts, it’s up to your individual preference. When choosing your work-out clothes, keep in mind your comfort level when you will be exercising, not just when you leave the house. Stick to wearing light clothing when it comes to exercise such as yoga or Pilates then swap to a tight workout gear suitable for sweat-inducing sports like running, spin and strength training.

3)    Are there a way to make legs look shorter?

Ankle boots and baggy boyfriend blazers are something shorter girls should stay away from. It cuts the body or leg in half making you appear even shorter. 

4)  What about a larger bust, can we disguise it?

V Necks are essential for flattering a bigger bust. Lengthening the neck and drawing attention to your décolleté. For example a tie waist and draped skirt will give the illusion of an hourglass figure, evening out the shape. Other necklines that suit top heavy woman, scoop, square neck, sweat heart, or wrap style neckline.

5)    Can we disguise a bigger butt in fitness gear?

If you are a C cup or larger I would look for a sports bra that has individual moulded cups to reduce bounce. Black will forever be the hero of flattery when it comes to clothes.

Nikki Phillips

Sydney Fashion Stylist Nikki Phillips

 6)    Do the colours of our fitness gear matter?

I always prefer to wear bright colours as they inspire me and get me motivated to work out, but black can also be very flattering. Keep in mind, if you are wearing black that it retains heat more than lighter colours so is not ideal for working out in the sun.

7)    Is there a way to look thinner?

Colour blocking along the side of the body affects the body’s natural curves and cinches in the waist. Also wearing a work-out top that has strategic seaming contour the waist gives the body a corset type of effect. Also opt for dark exercise pants that have a thicker waist band to flatter any overhang to minimise the muffin-top look.

 8)    What about your beauty routine – what tips do you have?

There are a couple of things that I really stick to in terms of my beauty and that’s regularly moisturising, always use sunscreen and lashings of mascara. I’m a firm believer that less is more. On a daily basis, a good face wash, moisturiser and the Venus & Olay SugarBerry razor to keep my legs silky smooth are the essentials for my beauty routine.

 9)    Is it ok to wear lipstick when working out?

I’m very anti any make up for working out!

10)  What about our hair? How can we keep it looking good?

The most comfortable and practical hairstyle for work outs is a pony tail .To prevent fly-aways, spray a small amount of hairspray on the front of your hair line, or pop on a sports cap. For day to day hair care, a good leave-in conditioner or weekly treatment is also a good way to prevent your hair being damaged and dried out by the wind or sun if your working outdoors.

11)  Any other tips for looking stylish when working out?

My biggest tip is to always leave the house feeling comfortable and confident. If you can update your wardrobe every season, even if it just a few tops – having something new is a big motivating factor.

What are your tips for looking good when working out?


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