Walnuts can fight ageing, and six other facts about this health food you don’t know:



Some foods don’t get enough credit when it comes to their benefits . One of those under-rated gems is the walnut.



Here are six facts you didn’t know about  walnuts:

1. They fight ageing
Plain and simple, walnuts are known to contain the most antioxidants and the highest quality antioxidants out of all the nuts.

2. Walnuts improve your reaction to stress
A study at Penn State University is one of the first to experiment with walnuts and their ability to reduce stress levels. While it’s difficult to avoid the stresses of daily life. Adding walnuts to your diet could help lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol and in turn help you manage your body’s stress levels more effectively.

3. Walnuts boost your mood
Walnuts contain essential fats that improve cell health. Researchers down at Arizona State University found that the type of Omega-3 found in walnuts can improve your mood and help you stay chirpy.

4. Walnuts maintain a happy heart
Researchers from the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center in Connecticut discovered adding walnuts to your diet can help those at risk of heart disease and diabetes. They did a study where participants ate 56g of walnuts a day for 8 weeks with real improvements in their weight and heart health.

5. Walnuts aid weight-loss
When trying to clean up your diet, there can often be and emphasis on what you can’t eat rather than all the tasty foods available. Look positively at the situation and think of walnuts as something extra you can add to your palette. Walnuts are a great snack on the go but so versatile they can be used in salads, main meals or even to decorate a fruity dessert for guilt free treats.

6. Walnuts fight against Alzheimer’s disease
There is growing research into the disease which as of yet has no cure. While it may seem a little early in life to be worrying about Alzheimer’s, a simple addition to your diet could do wonders in the long run as this nut is known to protect brain function and has potential to reduce the risk.

7. Walnuts improve his fertility
In today’s world there are so many factors which have contributed to a depletion in fertility with many couples resorting to medical help to get pregnant. If you and your partner are trying for a bub, try the natural approach. Just 75g of walnuts is enough to improve the quality of his sperm.


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