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 If you think you have to put on weight and stop exercising when you’re away, think again.  Fitness guru Alexa Towersey talked Bondi Beauty through a simple list of tips to follow when travelling to ensure you stay fit & healthy.

For Alexa Towersey, personal trainer and athlete, travelling is part of everyday life. As a third degree Instructor under the exclusive Gym Jones and with over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Towersey lives for fitness, and has the body to show for it.

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When booking accommodation and choosing locations have a look at what’s close by or included in the hotel. Most hotels offer a gym or pool which gives you the chance to work out with all the comforts of home. If this isn’t possible, Towersey suggests having a look at what’s close to the hotel. Ask the staff if there’s a gym or park near-by that you may be able to train at.

2. BYO work out equipment

It’s amazing what you can fit in the little strip of space between your bed and the wall in a hotel room, Towersey says. Throw a resistance band in your suitcase or learn some body weight exercises that you can do in your hotel room. Set aside 30minutes per day to work off your holiday spoils.

3.Ask for variations

If you’re travelling by air, you might have more choices than you realize. When booking a flight, you are now able to choose or specify what type of meal you’d like during your flight. Towersey suggests choosing a vegetarian or raw meal to avoid a calorie overload and for an all round healthier choice.

4. Choose Healthy

You also have the choice for healthier meals at the accommodation you’ve booked. If nothing catches your eye on the menu, usually staff will help accommodate you with meal variations. If you’re unsure of the menu, call ahead before arriving and pre-order a healthy meal. This is especially helpful for breakfast, if you have given the staff enough time to organize an alternative, they will usually be happy to swap cereal for eggs. If all else fails, find a room with a kitchenette.

5. Get a buddy

If travelling with a group of people try and organize a set time to workout. Be it an early morning jog or afternoon gym sesh, you’ll be more motivated to exercise while on holiday if someone else is counting on you. Towersey suggests that if exercising isn’t impossible, get together with your group and pick out a healthy place to eat together.

By BB Intern Dominique Tait

What are your fitness travel tips?


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