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How to select the right running shoes for you.


Asics running shoes are a favourite amongst many runners.

By Fashion Contributor Narissa Moeller

It’s the New Year and you probably have plenty of New Year resolutions that involve changes to your fitness and health regime. To achieve the best results, you need to have the best gym gear for your style and your body, but the best doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend hundreds of dollars.

When it comes to running shoes, there are so many styles and brands claiming to do many different things, making it overwhelming to choose the right pair. The process can be exhausting, amongst the kaleidoscope of colours and patterns available. Bondi Beauty spoke to the experts down at Sports Power to make life a little easier for you.

Here are six basic things you should know:


The main thing to look for in a running shoe is whether you need a structure or cushion shoe. This all depends on your foot-type and if there are any problems with your feet. If you have low and flat arches you definitely will need a more structured shoe, whereas if your feet are quite neutral with no problems, cushioning is the way to go. You usually will be able to tell if you have high or low arches, but the most important thing at the end of day is comfort, and this you can tell as soon as you put the shoe on. Think Cinderella and her glass slipper – if it feels comfy and fits your feet, you know it’s a winner.

Right shoe for the right activity:

Most running shoes these days are suitable for indoor and outdoor training so there’s no need to confuse yourself if you do a lot of outside running or vice-versa. You can, however, get specific shoes that are made for off-track, with trail shoes designed specially for off-road running and walking – that’s anywhere that isn’t paved.

Trends do impact our buying choice.

You should know every six months shoe companies bring out cool new colours. For those into looking the part while working out, bright fluro colours are particular popular at the moment especially by Nike and Asics.

How heavy they are:

Another big change to running shoes you might have noticed lately, is their weight. Light-weight shoes are definitely the way to go as they almost feel you like you aren’t wearing any. Seriously, who really wants all that extra weight on their feet slowing them down?

Brands do matter:

Top brands recommended by the professionals include Asics, Adidas, Nike and New Balance. Fitness fanatics’ love Asics as they use a gel system in their shoes that provides plenty of comfort and cushioning. The Barefoot range that Adidas and New Balance have brought out use the theory of running barefoot to improve gait (stride sequence) when running.

The right fit:

Always have a professional fit you to ensure you buy the correct size for your foot. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable after your first training session and having to start the whole process again.

So head into your nearest sports store, ask questions, try some on and remember, go for what feels the most comfortable (or you could always just go with the prettiest colour!). Whatever makes you happy when the time comes to wake up and go for a run. Because we believe there’s no better way to start the day.

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