What is the key to a healthy sex life?



It seems the answer to improving your sex life has been on the tip of your tongue all this time.


Discussing sexual preferences has been highlighted as a healthy and effective tool when aiming to improve intimacy.

By BB Psychologist Sophie Hughes

Experts are deeming your tongue as the key to sexual fulfilment, but not in the way you might be thinking.

Leading  psychologist Dr Clifford Lazarus, from Rutgers University New Jersey says communication is a crucial ingredient when it comes to having a fruitful sex life.

Using your tongue to converse with your partner is the best method for enhancing sexual pleasure and research shows couples that talk about their sexual relationships are able to achieve a higher level of pleasure and have more sex as a direct result.

Furthermore couples who are open in discussing their sexual preferences are also better at gauging if their partner is sexually satisfied.

This research was conducted by Dr Erin Fallis from The University of Waterloo and consisted of 84 heterosexual couples studied in a laboratory environment. All of the couples were either married or in long-term relationships.

The couples were separated and questioned on their sexual satisfaction alongside completing cognitive tests aimed at assessing their ability to recognise emotions.

Unsurprisingly the results found a strong correlation between the couples satisfaction ratings and their ability to communicate with their partner.

Talking about your sexual desires should not be awkward and is the perfect starting point if your sex life needs a boost.

Discussing your likes and equally your dislikes is a stepping-stone on the path to sexual satisfaction and communication should be open and non-defensive.

But if the thought of talking dirty is all too much, don’t lose hope just yet.

Research suggests providing couples are skilled at gauging their partner’s emotions and satisfaction levels, they can still have fireworks between the sheets. Fallis explains, “If the quality of communication wasn’t as good in a relationship, having good emotion recognition abilities could help gauge their partner’s sexual satisfaction.”

Discussing sexual preferences has been highlighted as a healthy and effective tool when aiming to improve intimacy.

For that reason, working towards open discussion about your sexual relationship is encouraged and could provide you with the sexual satisfaction you desire.

Has talking about sex improved your relationship?


Sophie Hughes


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