Going Low Carb For Dummies – get that summer body happening now.



At Bondi Beauty, we’re receiving a lot of requests for low-carb food options. Here is a 30 second guide to kicking carbs out of your diet:


Save this image as your screen saver for a constant reminder of where your body is headed without carbs.

1. WHAT TO DO: Cut out bread

WHY? All brands of bread (including the ones that claim to be whole wheat) are packed with carbs and refined sugar

HOW: If you usually have a sandwich, put the filling over kale and spinach instead


2. WHAT TO DO: Lessen fruit intake

WHY? Fruit isn’t bad for you, but it does contain lots of sugar

HOW? Swap bananas, apples, pears and grapes for sliced cucumber, celery or raw peppers.


3. WHAT TO DO: Don’t assume all veggies are low-carb

WHY? Certain vegetables have as much sugar as fruit

HOW? Sawp peas, corn, carrots and sweet potatoes with less starchy vegetables.


4. WHAT TO DO: Be careful of condiments

WHY? Some condiments are all sugar and carbs, so cut out the ketchup and barbecue sauce

HOW? Add flavour to your food with mustard, vinegar, lemon juice, salt, pepper or spices instead


5. WHAT TO DO: Booze less

WHY? Most alcohol is packed with sugar and carbs

HOW? Drink clear alcohol, like vodka, and mix it with tonic water instead of fizzy drinks


6. WHAT TO DO: Ditch the dessert (sorry!)

WHY? Desserts and sugar snacks have no redeeming features, being made entirely from sugar

HOW? Have a hot cup of tea or iced green tea with almond milk to stop cravings



Ask for your meal exactly how you want it at a restaurant

Say no to things your friends are eating

Indulge every now and then – and then get right back to it!

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