Gifts for a Natural Christmas



 Christmas can also be a time to give back to the environment, so end the year on a natural note with these natural Christmas gift ideas.

These gifts all represent an ideal where we work with the environment, not against it. Perfect for the animal lover and the organic fiend alike.

Organic Colour:

We love INIKA’s policy of putting sustainable and organic production first almost as much as we love their blush colours. Pick out the perfect colours for your friends and family from the warm range. While everyone has a multitude of eyeshadow colours, most people will stick to just one blush—indulge your loved ones with these fun colours.

INIKA Mineral Blush RRP$45.00

Natural World:
Milkwood runs courses on everything from beekeeping to mushroom cultivation to urban farming. This is the ultimate gift for people who believe in organic produce and sustainable food production. We love this concept and the courses are comprehensive and look seriously fun.
Milkwood Gift Certificate


Nature-Friendly Skin:

We love EmerginC’s Phytocell Cream, but their entire range would be prefect for Christmas. EmerginC’s sustainability policy is wonderful – they even support an EmerginBee bee habitat! Their products are effective and natural; a great gift for the environment lover.

EmerginC Scientific Organics Phytocell Cream RRP$92.50

Organic Spa:

This hydrating mist toner smells exactly like Summer. Lavender, rose, and geranium will lift spirits and brighten hearts. The toner is, like most Trilogy products, certified Natural and works amazingly well. A great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors in Summer.

Trilogy Face Care Hydrating Mist Toner RRP$26.95

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