Don’t Drink this! The 7 worst drinks for your body.



It may come as a surprise, but some of your favourite drinks are worse for you than you actually realise.These are the 7 worst drinks for your body:


Many of our favourite drinks are actually bad for us.

  • Juice – 

Drinking juice makes you think you’re getting your daily dose of fruit. However, the majority of juice on the market today is packed with added sugars. If you’re opting for juice over water, try freshly squeezed or read the label to find 100% fruit juice (with no hidden nasties).

  • Flavoured water-

Water claiming to be flavoured and full of vitamins is often packed with sugar to make it taste so good. Try adding a wedge of fruit (for example: orange, mandarin, lemon, lime – or a combination) to naturally flavour your own water.

  • Soft drinks-

Lemonade, Cola, whatever your favourite may be; they’re loaded with sugar and have been linked with obesity. Soft drink is full of preservatives and artificial colours.

  • Diet soft drink-

It may claim to be good for dieters, but there are zero health benefits associated with diet soft drinks. Aside from being calorie free, these fizzy drinks are also free of any nutrients. If you’re after a fizzy drink, try soda water with fruit to add a little flavour.

  • Cocktails-

The average fruity cocktail on a night out with friends can set you back approximately 800 calories (and that’s just for 1 drink). If you’re really set on having cocktails, read the menu and opt for the healthiest choice available – or stick to the vodka sodas.

  • Fruit smoothies-

Ordering a fruit smoothie at your local café can have the opposite of your desired effect to be healthy. Most smoothies contain ice-cream or gelato which ups the sugar content and contributes to your waist line. Although fruit is good for you, too much of it will mean you are consuming too much sugar, which is easily turned into fat if you are not burning as much as you are consuming. For a healthier choice, try making your own smoothie with a combination of healthy fruit and low fat milk, or almond milk. Alternatively, ask for natural yogurt or ice to substitute the ice cream.

  • Sports drinks-

Many sports drinks that promote good health and claim to boost your electrolytes after a work-out contain a cocktail of added sugar, artificial colours and preservatives. Stick to water after a workout for the best result.

By BB intern Brooke Davie.

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