10 Surprising Benefits of Earl Grey Tea



There are tea fans who can’t get enough of Earl Grey Tea, and there are some health benefits they may not know about:


A simple cup of Earl Grey tea may have more health benefits than you realise.

Healthy Teeth

Tea contains extremely high levels of the antioxidant catechin, which fights oral infections, as well as fluoride, which protects your teeth from cavities.


Earl Grey Tea is a natural remedy for intestinal problems, and helps keep you regular. It also improves digestion, reliving stomach pain, colic and nausea.

Fights Depression

Earl Grey Tea contains a citrus compound called bergamot, which has a calming effect. In some situations, bergamot has also been known to boost person’s mood due to its naturally aromatic and therapeutic qualities. Tea is a good natural remedy for all kinds of depression, stress and anxiety.


There’s not as much caffeine in Earl Grey tea as there is in your latte, but there is just enough to give you a nice little kick. And it won’t keep you up all night.

Cancer Prevention

Antioxidants help our bodies fight off free radicals that cause cancer and other diseases, and Earl Grey is positively packed full of them.

Weight Loss

The citrus extract in Earl Grey Tea can help induce weight loss – calories are broken down into food for your muscles as a result of citrus intake. So instead of adding cream or sugar – calories alert – add some extra lemon to your tea.

Disease Prevention

A 2012 study found that three cups of Earl Grey Tea per day can help lower your risk of heart disease. The tea will dramatically lower your blood triglyceride levels and increase your ‘good cholesterol’. It can also reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol by up to 39%, an Italian study found, and lowered blood sugar by an average of 22%.

The latter statistic suggests that Earl Grey Tea may also be highly beneficial for diabetes sufferers, and research into this has begun at the University of Cantanzaro in Italy.

Stress Relief

Earl Grey Tea relaxes and soothes the muscles in the body, a positive effect you won’t get from coffee. However, you will get the clarity and focus that a cup of coffee can provide.

Cold Relief

The bergamot in Earl Grey improves the immune system and helps cure fevers, so keep the tea coming when you have a cold, or want to ward one off – especially in the winter.


Unlike coffee, which will dehydrate you instantly, tea helps you stay hydrated because (a) you take it with water, obviously, and (b) because the high potassium content helps to maintain your body’s fluid balance. Drink up ladies.

What is your favourite tea and why?


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