Treat Yourself to a New Summer Scented Candle by Ecoya



Ecoya’s sweet nectar-filled apricot and orange blossom candles for summer will have you dancing under the sun.

Home fragrance company Ecoya has just released two heavenly scented candles to fill any room with the scent of summer falling on sweet fruits and leaves.

Our pick is the citrus-boxed sweet apricot and orange blossom, which has subtle notes of passionfruit, freesia, white musk and vanilla. It smells like a happy, summer garden.

It was inspired by a Brazilian citrus grove, when Ecoya nose Isaac Sinclair was sourcing new fragrance ideas.

The perfect way to bring the essence of a fragrant garden inside a home, it’s perfect on a warm, summer night when you’ve finished your workout, and you’re unwinding with a meal, a friend or even a wine.

We love the eco friendly soya base of th products.

Ecoya invited Bondi Beauty to style a shoot for the new candle, seen above.

RRP: $39.95


Ecoya’s limited edition sweet apricot and orange blossom fragrance

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